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2018-2019 Team

Sanika Vivek - President


Sanika Vivek is a freshman at Mission San Jose High School. She has been training in Bharathanatyam since the age of four under the guidance of her mother and Guru, Sneha Vivek. At the age of nine she performed in two professional classical dance shows with senior artists from India at the Alameda County Library,Fremont and at the Smithwick Theater, Los Altos. At age 11, Sanika was awarded Fremont school district's "Award of Excellence" in dance choreography for her dance "Joy of Nature". The following year, Sanika was instrumental in the success of Prathibha Arts Foundation's first fundraiser. Sanika and her brother Sathvik delivered an inspiring Bharathnatyam recital that helped raise over twenty thousand dollars for cancer research. Since then, Sanika has won several Solo Bharathanatyam competitions. She has also participated in several group dance competitions and won 1st/2nd place awards.  Sanika is the lead dancer at Natya Ninada.For the last couple years, Sanika enjoys teaching Bharathanatyam as an assistant teacher at Natya Ninada. Sanika has been training in Carnatic vocal from the age of four. She also has been playing playing the piano and violin since the age of seven. Sanika aspires to become a veterinarian and enjoys her free time taking care of her pets.

Rishika Thorat - Vice President


Rishika Thorat is an sophmore at Dublin High School. She is a member of Prathibha Arts Foundation since its inception in 2016. Rishika has a strong interest in math, computers and science. This led her to take computer science and engineering related courses at school and join the Dublin Engineering and Design Academy. To further her knowledge and passion for computer science, she setup a website for a local business, Blossom Preschool. Along with engineering, Rishika has an interest in business management. To further this interest, she attended the Miss CEO Leadership Bootcamp at Stanford University in the fall of 2017. Based on her performance, she was selected as a Miss CEO ambassador in the fall of 2018. She hopes to be able to learn more about leadership and business management through this role and give back to the community at the same time. In addition to this, Rishika is an active volunteer. She has volunteered for Well Constructed, Open Heart Kitchen, the Fremont and Dublin Main libraries and at events at Dublin High School. A fun fact about Rishika is that she is a social media enthusiast, leading her to take on the role of an Instagram Teen Ambassador, among 18 other high-schoolers/college students in the Bay Area. This role allows her to connect with others from different locations and backgrounds and gives her an opportunity for networking with stalemarts from that industry.

Ananya Srinivasan - Secretary


Ananya is an 8th grader at Hopkins Junior High School. Ananya enjoys the performing arts and sports. She has been training in Bharathanatyam under Smt. Sneha Vivek at Natya Ninada since the age of four. She has been learning the clarinet for 4 years and the saxophone for 2 years, and she is part of Hopkins' Symphonic Band. Ananya is a cricket player and plays in u-14 tournaments. She has played at Broward Stadium for an all-girls, u-14 tournament and the NYCL girls tournament in Missouri.  Other than the girls tournaments, she has played around the Bay Area for NYCL 2018.  Ananya learns Tae Kwon Do and is currently a blue belt.  During her free-time, she enjoys playing basketball and reading.  She loves to spend time with her family and friends.  She has been part of Prathibha for 2 years and hopes to create an impact on society by helping the community through Prathibha.


Shevanti Kumar -  Treasurer

Shevanti is a junior at Irvington High School. She has been training in Bharathanatyam since the age of 10. She is one of the senior dancers for Natya Ninada Performing Arts Foundation and has performed in numerous events. Shevanti has also been competitively debating for over five years. She is the vice president of Irvington’s Debate Club which is ranked number one in the nation for Parlimentary Debate. Shevanti and her partner are ranked in the Top 10 teams in the nation and they were one of the few teams from Irvington who qualified to compete at the Tournament of Champions held at Ashland, Oregan last year. Besides participating in debate, Shevanti  has been coaching  Horner Debate Club for 3 years now. She is very passionate about giving back to the community and sharing her love for debate with students. In addition, Shevanti has been involved in Science Olympiad for four years and she has won awards at regional and state competitions. In her free time she loves to competitively debate, preform classical indian dance, and code.

Sindhu Raghav -  Marketing


Sindhu Raghava is a freshman at Presentation High School, a community service school in San Jose. She has been playing the clarinet for the past five years. She has also been learning Bharatanatyam for nine years and has participated in several competitions. Sindhu swims and is interested in joining the team in her school. In her free time, she loves to go bicycling and hiking. She is an ambassador for students shadowing at her school and loves interacting with people. In the future, Sindhu wants to pursue the medical field for therapy and psychology and will pursue this by joining the medical club in her high school.


Sathvik Vivek - Founder/Mentor 

Sathvik is  a freshman at UCSC. He served as the President of Prathibha Arts Foundation from 2016-2018. He enjoys mentoring the new officers of 2018-2019. 

Pooja Shaha -  Mentor


Pooja Shah is a senior at Mission San Jose High School. She served as the Treasurer from 2016-2018. She is excited to take on the role of mentor for the new officers of 2018-2019.

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