2019-2020 Team

Sanika Vivek - President


Sanika Vivek is a Junior at Mission San Jose High School. She has been training in Bharathanatyam since the age of four under the guidance of her mother and Guru, Sneha Vivek. At the age of nine she performed in two professional classical dance shows with senior artists from India at the Alameda County Library,Fremont and at the Smithwick Theater, Los Altos. At age 11, Sanika was awarded Fremont school district's "Award of Excellence" in dance choreography for her dance "Joy of Nature". The following year, Sanika was instrumental in the success of Prathibha Arts Foundation's first fundraiser. Sanika and her brother Sathvik delivered an inspiring Bharathnatyam recital that helped raise over twenty thousand dollars for cancer research. Since then, Sanika has performed and won several Solo Bharathanatyam competitions and several group dance competitions.  Sanika is the lead dancer at Natya Ninada. For the last three years, Sanika enjoys teaching Bharathanatyam as an assistant teacher at Natya Ninada. Sanika has been training in Carnatic vocal from the age of four. She also has been playing playing the piano and violin since the age of seven. Sanika aspires to become an architect and enjoys her free time taking care of her pets.

Priyanka Shah - Vice President


Priyanka Shah,13, is a Freshman at Mission San Jose High School. Musical by personality, humming as she readies for school and settles in for the night, Priyanka learns the cello and piano. She is also a student of the Indian classical dance form, Bharatanatyam, and studied Hindustani (Indian Classical) vocals during a 3-year stint in New York. Outside of her interests in music and song, Priyanka likes to debate and play basketball and is an avid fan of Boston sports. She likes hanging out with her friends, dog sitting, watching movies,  spending a part of the summer perfecting the art of making therapeutic products with essential oils. 

Siri Dhayabaran -  Treasurer


Siri Dhayabaran is a sophmore at Mission San Jose High School. This is her second year at Prathibha Arts Foundation. Siri loves reaching out to her community and helping those in need. She wishes to pursue a career in marketing when she grows up. She like to swim and dance. Siri has been swimming for 7 years now and has experience in two forms of Bharatanatyam. Siri enjoys doing community service and tutors elementary school children on a weekly basis. 

Rusheel Baratam - Secretary


Currently, Rusheel is a sophmore in Mission San Jose High School in Fremont. This is his third year in Prathibha Arts Foundation. He enjoys basketball and plays in the JV and varsity teams.  At school he is involved in the robotics club, the Computer Science club, and the Sports Analytics Club. Rusheel has been volunteering in Community Seva to cook and serve food at homeless shelters. He hopes to major in the Computer Science field.

Sathvik Vivek - Founder/Mentor 

Sathvik is a junior at UCSC. He served as the President of Prathibha Arts Foundation from 2016-2018. He enjoys mentoring the new officers. 

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